Omega Pvm is a Oldschool Runescape clan for level 100+ accounts.
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 Ranking System

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:17 pm

Clan Ranking System

Smiley/Friend(Unranked, only necessary for some individuals).

- You will be ranked up if you meet the requirement of 100+ CMB by the end of a set day.

One Stripe/Banana ~100 points

- New clan member

Two Stripes/Bananas ~200 points

- Rewarded to individuals who participate in events during the week/weekends
- Bumps the clan thread occasionally
- Is able to participate in corp trips.

Three Stripes/Bananas ~300 points

-Rewarded to individuals who contribute in helping organizing boss trips/events during the week/weekends
- Trustworthy player within the clan community and active daily.
- Bumps the clan thread occasionally

Bronze Star ~400 points

- Demonstrates quality leader attributes and is trusted by everyone in the community.
- Chosen by leaders/staff
- Event Leader

Silver Star ~500 points

- Chosen by leaders/staff of Unseen Threat to aid in leading the clan
- Monitors the clan chat and is aware of everything in the community.
- Event Leader
- Ability to kick individuals if they are acting inappropriately

Gold Star ~ Only given to those who are a VERY trusted member, Can only be given this rank by Piddy Cent.

- Is a leader of the clan.
- Monitors the clan chat and is aware of everything in the community.
- Event Leader
- Ability to kick and ban individuals if they are acting inappropriate.

Ranking up is based on your bossing points, the way these points will work is you get a point for every 1m you get,
If you get a Saradomin Hilt and the drop is worth 50m you get 50 points, However if you are in a duo with someone and receive
This drop you only get half the points and so does the other. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you type in who was with you
and the date you got the drop and how much the drop was sold for to receive points.
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Ranking System
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