Omega Pvm is a Oldschool Runescape clan for level 100+ accounts.
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 Clan Rules ( you must read these )

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PostSubject: Clan Rules ( you must read these )   Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:45 pm

1. Clan Rules

1. Must ALWAYS respect one another. No racism/aggressive flaming is tolerated, and will most likely result in a temporary ban from the clan. Swearing is allowed, but only to an extent.

2. Be mature in the clan chat. Referring to the first rule, if you act inappropriate in certain scenarios it could get you in trouble.

3. Bump the thread when you can! It will immensely help the clan and earn you positive rep, which can result in rank ups.

4. Any member can recruit new players to help the community grow, just make sure to notify them of mentioning you in their application to earn you positive rep.

5. No flaming and scamming other clanmates, this will result in a severe punishment and ban.

6. All rare drops at events must be traded to the highest ranked member attending the event. (This is to avoid new members scamming). Abiding by this rule will result in the individual gaining positive rep.

7. Multi-Clanning is NOT allowed, and the only exceptions are skilling/PVP clans. Please contact the clan leader first before multi-clanning with PVP/skill clans.

8. If you invite a friend to attend an event and he/she scams an item, you are entitled and responsible to pay for the item which is to be equally split between clan mates.

9. Most importantly, have fun!


5. Looting/Bossing Rules

1. Please make sure you are elected as the adequate role for your team. This means that if you are tanking, you must know what you are doing.

2. You must actively change your roles, which means that tanking individuals are active in the clan to avoid exploitation. If you are caught avoiding tanking, you will be warned. If this keeps happening, the severity of the punishment will increase gradually.

3. Any rare bossing loots with high value (such as bandos tassets, sigils, etc.), are to be given to the highest rank present in the team (a Bronze Star rank or higher straight away if present.)

4. If you somehow disappear from the team(at the toilet, died, tabbed out), any rare drop 2 kills after your absence will not be shared with you. This rule can be manipulated if the team is content, but if not, do not complain.

5. Tankers get designated drops, this includes: Bandos boots, Godsword Shards, and Steam battle staves. This rule can be changed if the team is content, but will stay by default if not addressed before the start of the trip.
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Clan Rules ( you must read these )
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